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All light off on DECA

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Well since the imediate help from this forum got my 2 main boxes going (24-500 and Slim HD box with SWM attatched), one of my HD Boxes and one of my SD boxes I hope you can get my last, and new, problem too.

Now that those are running I can't get my other DVR and HD box to setup, the main problem seems to be the DECA. It is completely off, none of the lights on. I noticed when I was moving around things on my fixed HD DVR the Deca lights were on ( one green one orange and one off) even when it was unplugged)

I restart the box and it stops at 0% and then gives me a 771 Error.

For backstory you can check the thread right below this :nono2:

Thanks again
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You need to recheck these coax also, as they don't seem to be connected to the dish/SWiM.
The DECA gets powered from the receiver, so check that connection too.
Thanks again for the help.

I switched the lines, I have two going into my box, one a DECA and one a band stop filter.(which was the original problem I had years ago that you guys thankfully saved me from, the installer, who took 7 hours to install Whole-Home and one box to an existing system, put everything on one line so I would lose signal every hour and only could record one thing. )

I assumed, being that which I am, that the DECA would go into input 1, but apparently only input 2 provides power, because it lit up once I switched them. Now its working fine and I can get back to watching the Cup.

Thanks for the help. I hope my rambling in the thread, and your awesome help, can one day help someone searching for the same problem.
This missing info here was that this [these] are the HR20-100, which need the DECA to connect to the SAT #2 for power. ALL OTHER receivers use SAT #1.
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