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All you chopper fans....

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Discovery is running some interesting motorcycle programming this weekend. Last night I taped 2 shows about the building of custom choppers. Tonight (starting at 8:00 eastern) there are three more motorcycle programs. These things are real pieces of art when done.
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Thanks for the heads up.
I've seen the Jesse James show before.
After the Sopranos we watched "The Women."
Sounds like...and you ought to..........
Buy another motorcycle!
Believe me....they 'are' the best therapy. ;)
They were my therapy back when I had them. I used to go for long drives along the Mississippi river when things were getting to me. A nice couple of hours running down and back along the river road was great for clearing the mind. It's been a few years, but it is still tempting. Very nice artwork on those programs. One of the guys featured in the "contest" program (Choppers, Inc.) is just about 30 miles north of here. I may have to go pay a visit just to "look". I bet his phone has been VERY busy lately. :D The contest program pitted Choppers, Inc against another outfit in Pheonix (I think) in a custom build contest. They both started from scratch and had totally different philosophies on how to achieve the goal. Choppers, Inc did a lot of recycling of parts of old parts, basically cutting old exhaust pipes to use only specific bends and coupling those old parts with other old and new parts. He made his gas tank from an old Sportster tank, cutting it in half and using only the front end. The other guy built his entry from all new parts includng an aluminum frame with oil cooling incorporated into the frame, very interesting. Choppers, Inc won.
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Maybe I will drive up to Port Canaveral for the shuttle launch on Wed. and swing by Choppers, Inc. on the way back. :D
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