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Almost There. A Few More Seconds. Yeah, Right!

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Firstly, I will be getting a new DVR from DirecTV in the next day or so, but I wanted to see if anyone could help.

My DVR has been unstable since B10. Before that, one or two things went ary, but it was acceptable. Since then, I have been playing the RBR Tango for many days. First, I RBR and the screen sticks on the Searching for Satallite 1 of 2. Then, I RBR and the trick plays don't work.

Now, it just won't get past this screen. It did one time earlier and got to the S for S screen and never left it, but now, NOTHING!!!

Firstly, I have press RBR many times. Then I powered off the whole thing for 30 minutes or so and started back up. No luck. I see people talking about the Band B converters, but I don't see how that could help.

I try the 02468 when starting up and nothing.

Please offer suggestions if you have any. :( :( :(
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if you have your HR20 hooked up to your network, remove the cat5 wire from the HR20 until it is up and running. Seems to lock up sometimes when it's trying to establish a link during start up.
Not networked, but the phone line is plugged in, as it has been from the beginning. Maybe the box is just going to the "Big Brickyard" in the sky.
phone should not have anything to do with it not starting up. I don't have any other ideas; maybe Earl can help out.
Finally got it to do the 02468 software download, but after that, it goes right back to the Almost There screen. Not looking good.
That sounds like a hard drive failure..... you are still in the boot loader section.
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