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Altitude HD Problems

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Anybody else having issues with Altitude HD? This is the second game in a row I've had problems with audio stuttering and dropouts, and even more frustrating is the picture occationally freezes. Wondering if this is an issue with my system, Altitude, or DirecTV.
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bluedogok said:
Yeah...I don't get it.....

Sorry I couldn't help more....
Yeah I know, thanks though. This question is pretty region specific.
Earl Bonovich said:
Sorry... what is Altitude HD?
Is that a Regional Sports Network?
Yeah RSN, Nuggets and Avalanche. Watching the Nuggets right now. Also had the same problems on Mon as I'm having tonight. It won't let me check signal strength because I am recording something on the other tuner. I never had a problem with it until Mon.
masterdeals said:
RSN in Colorado - for the Avs. FSN Detroit no issues, could be regional. Check your signal strength on 99 and 103. Have any problems with the MPEG 4 locals, assuming you get those?
MPEG4 locals seems fine, and never had a problem with any of them.
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