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I am new to Directv and have a question regarding the AM-21. I have directv and comcast cable for internet. I still get all the comcast SD channels even though I requested basic cable channel 2 -13. It is cheaper to have basic cable and internet than just internet service only.

I have a hr-21 for my HD tv and two D12 receivers for the bedrooms. On the D12 receivers I have the comcast cable attached to the OTA input. On the D12 I can turn of the power to the D12 and and I recieve comcast channels on the tv.

I received an AM-21 today for the HR-21 and plan to install an OTA attena this weekend so I can recieve locals in HD.

My question is what would happen if I hooked Comcast signal up to the OTA input on the AM-21. The only time I would do this would be to watch football or basketball on CSS (Comcast Sports South) not available on Directv. I guess the easiest answer is watch the game in the bedroom, but I would like to know the answer.

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