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AM-21 question

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Hello all,

I have question about the OTA capabilities of the am21.

I live in a small town (<50,000 pop) in Ohio and am far enough away from any "big" cities that I may not be able to pick up all 4 networks HD local OTA signal without putting up a big ass antenna.
I also cannot get any networks on the dish.

So is it possible for me to pay for the basic cable package my local cable system puts out and use this as my "OTA" signal and thereby have a "one HD DVR box" solution?

I have no Dtv equipment as of now but i had Dtv for about 3 years ending in '00

I plan on getting 2 hr21's for a 60'' and a 42'' HD tv's

Any help is appreciated
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Can some tell me how to try to get wavers for Dtv networks ?

I can get NBC local OTA in HD but would i be able to intergrat that one local onto a HR-21 with a AM-21 and Dtv's CBS ABC and FOX all in HD and able to be recorded them all?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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