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AM Radio Interference, on or off

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I tried to search on this, and didn't find anything, but does anyone else get horrible AM radio interference regardless if the R15 is on or off? If you unplug it, it goes away. I only listen to AM radio for one or two talk shows, and some stations work, but some frequencies are just about unaudible anywhere in the house. It interferes with our attic antenna too, but that's no big deal since the locals are of course on the unit. I was wondering if there was some sort of filter to buy. Thanks!
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The R15 and other DVRs are essentially computers and therefore generate a fair amount of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). There's not much you can to reduce the R15's RFI, but you can improve your reception with a better AM antenna, or by moving your AM Radio away from the R15. What sort of AM Radio are you using?
Moving the AM receiver away from the R15 should help. You might also try using a different electrical outlet for the AM radio.

Buffa said:
It interferes with our attic antenna too, but that's no big deal since the locals are of course on the unit.
Interfering with the attic antenna sounds strange, since I assume there is quite some distance between the R15 and the attic antenna.

Regarding AM radio interference ... it is possible, but I would be surprised unless the R15 and AM radio are next to each other or plugged into the same outlet. Radio Shack sells AM filters if they are plugged into the same outlet.

I have an AM radio I use frequently located about 10 feet from my R15, plugged into separate outlets, but on the same house circuit. I often listen to the radio while watching the R15. I've never had an interference issue.
I have an AM loop antenna for my AV Receiver that's about 6 feet away from my HR10-250, HR20, MediaCenter PC and all sorts of RF "noise generators", yet I don't have any interference issues.

We need to know more about the OP's radio setup and antenna locations. He's in St. Louis, so he should be fairly close to major radio transmitters.
Sorry it took so long to reply. It's weird because the AM interference is only on KMOX here in STL. That's one of the few I listen too though. And that is one of the strongest AM stations in the Midwest. As far as distance from the antenna and r15 goes....even radios on the other side of the house experience it. So any type of radio...clock radio to even my home theater yamaha receiver. Maybe the AM filter someone mentioned at Radio Shack may work.
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