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I just added a AM21 to my recently installed HR21-100 and I am having problems.

During initial setup, it picked many more channels than my HR20-700, which uses the same antenna. Originally it said that my local market could not be found at all, but this could have been caused by heavy rain in the area.

The second time I tried it, even though it found my local market, it found no local channels at all. Even the ones that are tranmitted over the satellite were missing.

The second problem is that the I can no longer power up the HR21-100 with my remote. The only way is to press the power button on the remote. However, the remote powers it down with no problem.

I have the remote set to 00003 for the HR21-100. Does it reset to 00001 when the power cord is unplugged?

Another problem that I have is that the remote has much worse bounce back problems on the HR21-100 than is does on the HR20-700.

I will try to re-scan for channels again in the morning, when I am sure there is no longer any rain in the area.

Isn't the HR21-100 supposed to have built in BBC's? The installer included them on my satellite feeds.

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You still need the BBCs.
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