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(not sure what the right forum is for this post. Mods, please feel free to move it if necessary)

I currently have an HR24-100, and I am moving the receiver back and forth between two homes to take care of family.

These two homes are in two different markets very far apart.

At one location (let's call it A) I am currently receiving programming for the LA Market (the national feed) but when I return to my other location (let's call it B) instead of calling DirectTV to move the service address can I just purchase an AM21 tuner and use that to get the OTA signal for locals? (there are quite a few locals that are available.) I'd still like to receive the LA stations (while in B) I am already provisioned for via the satellite, as well as the local stations via the AM21/OTA signal.

Will the locals just show up in the guide natively where I can record etc.? How does DirecTV now (or don't they) if I am receiving OTA stations? How does the programming come in for the stations to the guide? How does the guide 'know' to pull that down?

I bounce back and forth between the two, so I'd raher not have to call DirecTV a couple times a month to switch service addresses.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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