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An update wiped out my HD in 2 of my DVR's

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I have 2 HR 21's and one HR 20, and an update wiped out the hard drive on the 20 and the 21. Has this ever happened to anyone.

Thanks for responding.
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Unfortunately that does sometimes happen, but may I ask... when did this take place? I was under the impression that no new updates were scheduled for this weekend.
ive heard about it but never happened too me.
have you done a reset? ive heard of the reset bring back the recordings to the list before...something to try
Thanks for the feed back , this happened Friday and Saturday, my wife did reset both DVR's. I just hope it is not a sign of things to come. It's odd I've been with D* for 8 years now , has never happened in the past, and now I get not one but 2 Dvrs experiencing this problem within a short period of time. Oh well I took the opportunity to add an ESATA 1 Terabyte HD to the HR 20.
Yup, happened to my HR20-100 upon an update back in May (I forget the version number of the update). I have a 750 GB eSATA Freeagent Pro. The FAP worked fine before the wipe, and has worked fine since the wipe.

So you're saying your INTERNAL drive was wiped? I've been wondering, it seems like everyone reporting wipes was running on external drives, so I wasn't sure if anyone had ever had an internal drive wiped on an update.
It would be real unusual to have two out of three separate internal drives ruined by a software update at the same location. Are you sure you didn't have an AC power interruption or other anomaly either during or sometime afterward?
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