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Anime Network DOD program delays

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If you are a DirecTV and an Anime Network On Demand subscriber but you are not on the Anime Network forums, you may be wondering where the updated for last Thursday and this Thursday have gone. There has been a delay in the distribution of new episodes due to the Anime Network switching to In Demand for content distribution. The following was posted on the Anime Network forums:

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to technical difficulties, some cable and satellite subscribers will notice a significant loss of anime titles available this and next week. A number of series will be delayed in delivering the episodes originally slated to go live May 24 and May 31.The good news is fans will have a triple shot of new episodes to look forward to on June 7. Thank you everyone for your patience!
This affects all programs presently being carried on the Anime Network On Demand.
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DirecTV Merrimack NH 03054 (Boston Area)

Anime Network VOD ch 1889

06/15/2012 08:15 PM EDT

Per what the folks on the Anime Network Forum have been reporting, DirecTV still hasn't updated the programming with new episodes.

However, DirecTV has pulled all program episodes from ch 1889 except for

A-Channel ep.9
Coicent ep.1
Xam`d ep.24
Yozakura Quartet ep.6
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Newshawk said:
The Anime Network staff is working on getting the expiration dates adjusted on the 5/24, 5/31 and 6/7 episodes. As for the 6/7 update, that is being looked into also.
Thanks Newshawk, nice to see you here too. Believe it or not, I've already completed a marathon viewing of all episodes expiring on 06/21 and 06/20 (the bogus Taisho Baseball Girls ep 7 date). I'm caught up on the expirations now until 06/28.
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