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Anna Nicole Smith to Do TV Show

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Anna Nicole Smith is taking on Ozzy Osbourne and his foul-mouthed family in her own reality TV show.

"I'm doing it because I've been stuck in my house so long because of the litigation," she said. "It was time to get out."

The former Playmate and Guess? jeans model is best known for her court battles over the fortune of her late husband, J. Howard Marshall. She won $88 million from Marshall's estate, but the case is tied up in appeals.

Bathed in a pink spotlight her favorite color Smith sat stroking her black poodle, Sugar Pie, as she told the Television Critics Association on Tuesday how cameras film her from the time she gets up to the time she goes to bed.

Smith's attorney, Howard K. Stern, her 16-year-old son, Daniel, and her personal assistant, Kim, also are featured on the half-hour series that begins Aug. 4 on E! Entertainment.

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:lol: Wait...You mean shes serious
Her attorney's name is Howard Stern...how fitting!
Scott, good thing you have a widescreen TV, have you seen how fat she is now? Her managers are trying to get her to lose weight but she just loves to eat too much. IMHO, she is butt-ugly now.
and she wasn't butt ugly before?????

at some point the dust will settle and she'll end up with some of sugar daddie's scratch....i think the old fart died when she rolled over on him one evening...
btw-don't they already show the porky pig cartoons on boomerang???
No doubt!! They were airing the "promos" over the weekend and, man, this is one show that will go on my "avoid at all cost" list (unless I need some sort of weight loss incentive).
I'm sure it will not reach Osborne status but who is more crazy her or Ozzy. I go with Anna for thinking anybody would care to watch a pig. I thought they covered that with the Babe series.

i just wish the old man's son would settle so WE wouldn't be subjected to this fodderal...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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