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Antenna Height

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I have a ranch home (single level). However I live in Sacramento Valley.
It's hard to pick up anything 30 miles away because of the hills, etc.
I just installed a DB8 Antenna, along with an amp.
I would like to install it on the roof. I know the higher is better, But I'd like to get away from installing a tripod on my nice new roof. I will be attaching the mast to a chimney with straps.
My question is: Will a 10' mast be enough? I will probably use a 10' x 1" piece of EMT.


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This web site shows the antenna and all the specs with it.
It shows an antenna mast extension as being 1.5" diameter.
It also shows that it picks up channels 14 thru 69. Do you have locals like I do here south of Houston, TX like 2, 8, 11, 13 ? You might want to chack on this.


I used to use the top rail of a cyclone fence as a pole. I do not know what size it is at the moment but it is a lot heavier than EMT and it is also galvanized to keep it from rusting.
Edit: The fence top rail I found at Home Depot is 1-3/8" dia , 12 gage ( about 1/8" wall ) and 10-1/2 feet long.
ESA1178 said:
Morning everyone!

The mast is a 20' telescope from Rohn. I am considering installing a Channel Master CM 3092 3 ft Tripod Mount. Since I don't have a long boom antenna but a DB8 instead. It should be fine, right? With guy wires of course.. :)

I hate to see you bolt this down to your roof.
I mentioned before that I used the top rail tubing for chain link fencing for mine.
They can be connected together using a coupling made for that purpose. Some have one end reduced so that it slides into the next piece of tubing.

What I did was got to the highest point of my roof ( my roof is an A style roof ) and pushed about 18" of the 2 lengths of the tubing
into the ground with the pole straight up and next to the house.
Then I used a bracket made for holding antennas to the side of the house and bolted it to the fascia board of the house. I did not have any wires attached to mine and it was a total of about 18 feet in the air when it was all installed.

If you go with the tripod, make sure you put that roofing tar stuff under the feet and then all around them and even on top of the bolts / screws that you use to fasten it down to the roof so that it does not leak into your ceiling.
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