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Antenna setup & SWM What would U do?

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I don't know how to phrase this properly so I will just tell it like it is.
My brother has a place on Okeefeenokeee that he uses occasionally. He let me and some of my friends come down for a week to fish. SB tonight but we had to go to a bar to watch the game no DTV. He has an old original 4X3 HD version TV and old 4 wire coax type Directv dish. I did bring my HR 20 to hook up and an SWM but do not have the right head on the sat. I don't mind upgrading but we are gone next Saturday and are here once a year maybe twice at most. He has switched to cable at his house so he does not bring a sat rec anymore. I do like to see sports especially the DUKE Carolina game that is airing on Wednesday.


What would you do and/or buy to have it set up for the future. I do not have a week to wait on UPS either, so any direction to locating these items would be appeciated.
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Your HR20 should work fine with that existing "4-coax dish". Do you know if it's an older "Phase III" SD dish, or a newer "Slimline HD Dish"? If you can, post a photo. Or compare it with the photos here ....

Once you know the exact dish type, just connect one or two of that dish's four coax cables to your HR20's SAT IN jacks. No SWM is required. But if it's an HD Slimline dish and you want any HD channels, you will need a B-Band Converter (BBC) module for each SAT INPUT jack. They're free by calling DirecTV.

Once you've connected the HR20 to that dish, power it up and perform the "Satellite Setup" process. Follow the on-screen instructions to select "Multiswitch" and the appropriate dish type. Assuming that dish is still properly aligned, you should be good to go.
Thank You for the answer. It will work but I need a b-band converter. I am going to try and locate one locally or buy a new head to use my swm. Thanks
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