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Any way to tell what tuner is in use?

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Is there any way to tell which tuner is in use, i.e. if I am watching ESPN, is there some magical way to tell what tuner it's using?
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Why does it matter?
if you disconnect the cable from tuner one and the picture goes away, then you just found out!:lol: this only applies to non-SWM system......

but again, why you need to find out???
Yes. If your DVR is connected to your home network you can use SHEF to process a serial command.

Enter into your web browser:
[ip of your dvr]:8080/serial/processCommand?cmd=FA8B01
to see what is on tuner 1
[ip of your dvr]:8080/serial/processCommand?cmd=FA8B02
to see what is on tuner 2

Results are in hex, just convert the first two bytes to decimal.
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Tks dielray
Could you please answer the question as to why you needed or wanted to know?
While watching various programs (meaning different channels) I get pixulation once in awhile. No specific channel or program, just random channels. I thought perhaps it might be a specific tuner, so thought that, if there was a way to check the tuner that I am using, and the pix starts, I could check the tuner in use and perhaps that might be the problem.
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