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Any websites out there that rate dial up ISP's or Phone services??

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Im getting alot of advertising in my mail regarding changing phone services, having local and long distance service in one bill.
I've noticed one in particular that offers there dial up service as well, its Corecomm........www.core.com.

Honestly, my phone savings with them wouldn't be that much, but with there dial up service, it would. Anyone know of a site that rates dial up services?
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Two things i noticed about Corecom...

1. Its going to be delisted by NASDAQ....

2. They seem to have a great record with the Better Business Bureau.
I just read Jame's links and I can comment on two things:

1.) They were delisted Friday according to the site (16-Aug-2002)

2.) According to the BBB they are the people behind CellularOne. CellularOne is one of three wireless companies here (along with Verizon and Blackfoot) and I can say one thing - I don't know ONE person happy with CellularOne's service (high rates, bad customer service, etc.). Though they just went digital in town and that might make some people happy. Until recently, Blackfoot (a small telephone co-op) was the only choice for digital. Though it's probably still the best - I hear great things about their service (I wish I could have an excuse to waste $35/month on a wireless phone - $35 - Blackfoot, unlimited in-network service). Anyways, to make a long story short - I know lots of unhappy CellOne customers. Poor quality network (though I haven't heard anything about the digital), high rates, poor CS. Watch out!
As far as comparison sites, the only one I could find that wasn't really an ad was this one...

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