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Anyone elses past orders messed up?

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So I was just looking around on my account on directv.com and looked at my past orders/installations. I only have 3 (which is correct), but 2 are really messed up:

Problems with the first one:
Says I got the HDDVR for free, which I did not, got it for $99 as the total line reflects. Also says that the install was cancelled, which it was not cause its what I am using right now :lol:

Problems with second one:
Says I got it for free again, when in reality I paid $99 again, total is correct in reflecting this. Also says that it is unscheduled?

I guess the main reason for asking is I am wondering if this looks bad on my account (aka, like I got free equipment or bad install) when in reality I didnt!
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My past orders are also messed up. My order for the AM21 is like your DVR order. It says I got the AM21 for free, even though I paid $50 for it.
I have been getting this mesage for 2 weeks or so now when I check on completed, or pending orders
"Your order information could not be retrieved at this time."
Yeah, several of my past orders that were actually installed and working are listed as cancelled. I figured maybe it was just a data entry error either by the HSP or D* after the install was done. Since the equipment shows up correctly in My Setup and (of course!) they are charging me the lease fees, I don’t worry about it.
Mine too! I had DirecTV several years before the earliest order shown. A couple of the orders that are shown don't make sense. <g>
Ok, I was just curious if others were like this and it appears so :p
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