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Anyone installed a bigger hd in dp?

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Has this been done and are their pics of the process?
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Yep its easy too, as long as that web tv site is online for downloads. Dont go over 40 GIG, 5400 RPM is better causes less heating, but a HD with a multiyear warranty, I had one die at one year + a month. Just swap them out.
Bob, how many hours from a 40 gig? What's the best one to get and where? How long did it take to install?
Its easy to upgrade a drive on a Dishplayer.

Pop off the cover, take out the old drive and put a new one in.

Let the Dishplayer download the software again and you are good to go. :)
Wow Scott, if I new it was that easy, I would have done it long ago. Is 40 the biggest I should install and is there room for a fan, or won't there be that much extra heat? What kind do you recommend? Thanks
No fan is needed. Just don't put anything on top of the Dishplayer, thats how it cools itself. :)

BTW dont be surprised if your system has to download the software twice, if it does this ITS OK. :)
What do I do to let it download the software? I'm assuming I unplug it before doing all this, right?
When you plug it in and turn it on you will go through the setup screens you will then go through the Check Switch and from there it automaticly downloads the software.

I hope I am correct on this, I did mine two years ago and thats how I remember it going. Can anyone correct me if I am wrong?
Scott, do you remember what size hd you installed and should I get a name brand? I never did this before.
I put a 40 gig in one of mine, the other is a stock unit. :)

No need for name brand. A slower 5200 rpm drive is better then a 7200 rpm drive just because of the heat issue.

Dont be nervous, if you get stuck you just put in your old drive again and it will work like you didn't even touch it. :D
Do I use a 3 and a half or a 5 and a quarter inch hd? Does 99. for a western digital seem ok? It was a 7200 rpm but I was just checking prices. It's a 40 pin connector, whatever that is.
NOTE: The software is downloaded over the phone line from the WebTV server. So, that must be plugged in. And, it will only work from the US (not Canada - where the WebTV #'s don't work). Takes about 45 minutes and is generally a local call.

This is a 3.5" HD.

You can go way bigger then 40 gig (this barrier was fixed around 3 software versions ago). Max size is around 120 Gig. There is an IDE ATAPI addressing barrier at 137 gig that probably sets the uper limit.

I have a 120 gig Western Digital (7200 rpm) drive in one of mine (a Maxtor DiamondMax 80 in the other). Just remember, the HD is the most likely component of the Dishplayer to die. If it dies, the bigger the drive, the more you might lose.

Be carefull of the Maxtor Drives. The 540x series is a rebaged Quantium and doesn't work in the Dishplayer.

Remember to set the drive to Master (or only drive) when Installing it (don't use cable select).

This, to me, is the biggest reason to stick with Dishplayer. I've had a Maxtor 80 die. Grabbed a 120 gig at Circuit City and dropped it in. The Maxtor was replaced under the 3 yr warrenty and is not residing happily in my computer.
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David, how do I set drive to master? I've never done this. Would it be too much trouble to list instructions on doing this hd switch, pics would be very helpful if you think it would make it easier. Thanks
Bob that is not correct anymore. You can go BIG on the DP.

David is right all around. The 50 show limit (that was the old limitation, not the size) is gone. BIG HD are reported as working well. Consensus is that 5400 RPM are better for the heat issue as stated. DEFINITELY stay away from the rebranded Quantum/Maxtor. I believe you can tell theses because the D and the X are separeted by numbers on the Quantum drives. If it is a true DiamondMax, the DX are together and those have been reported to work fine.

Instructions for setting jumpers to Master are on the instructions. Recent experiences for Western Digital indicate it is best to just take the jumper OFF on these drives so it operates as the only drive (not in a master or slave setting). David already mentioned this.

I agree this is the ABSOLUTLEY one of best thing about the DP (I also prefer the look and feel of the DP screens over all the others). No other PVR is a simple to swap out drives for. Now that the DP has become "stable" I love both of mine.
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David, did your 7200 rpm drive cause heating problems and what's the diff between that and a 5400? Thanks
The 7200 was noisier for me and caused heat problems. Went with a 40GB 5400 and it was perfect.

I've found, though, that I was never able to dowload th software over the phone line and got an image of a virgin drive to burn onto the new HD with Win2K support tools.

Try http://ben.reser.org/dishplayer/ for instructions.

Or try this page for all your needed links: http://echostaruser.manilasites.com/dpclone.

Good luck! It feels really great once you start recording without worrying about having enough space left.

Keep in mind, you will see the DP working a little slower than before in some cases. Be patient.....
On the capacity question, rough rule of thumb is about 80% of size=hrs of recording. So a 40GB HD will give you roughly 32 hrs of recording. 60GB will give about 48 hrs. Varies depending on what you are recording, but this is a good estimate that errs to the smaller side so you shouldn't unexpectedly loose anything because the disk is full. Remember YMMV.
Originally posted by rjl
David, did your 7200 rpm drive cause heating problems and what's the diff between that and a 5400? Thanks
I haven't noticed the 7200 Western Digital to be any worse (for heat) then the 5400 DiamondMax. I may be remembering incorrectly, but I think the 7200 Western Digital pulled less current then the DiamondMax (by rating - although ratings are generally worst case numbers, not actual). Less power will generally mean less heat. Newer drives have gotten more efficient and quieter. I would guess just about any current technology drive would be quieter and less power hungry then those original 7100 8 gig drives.

In any case, I'd NEVER operate a Dishplayer in an unventilated cabinet, place it on top of a hot component (like an amp), or place anything on top of it !!!

The spinning sound of the 7200 is a bit louder (vs 5400). Mine is in a fan ventilated cabinet. The fans I used are a bit noisy (not to mention the video projector), so I don't notice the Dishplayer.

I suppose noise would be more of an issue of you have it in a bedroom.

The Dishplayer MIGHT be slightly more responsive (on screen menus and guide searches) with the 7200. Definately nothing major.
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David, I've always had my model 7200 dp on an open shelf. Do you think spending 200. for a 120 gig drive for the dp is better than going with a new 508 for 279.? Could you recommend a few drives for me, say in the 40 to 120 gig range? I'm new to a lot of this, though that link with directions on hd install looks great. Is there anything to warn me about the install? Thanks
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