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Anyone Know How To Change Languages On DIRECTV Website?

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I'm having an issue with the DIRECTV website showing half in English and half in Spanish. Does anyone know how to correct this? Tried calling DIRECTV, but 2 different CSR's were no help. Here is what the screen looks like:


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Did you sign out and clear your cookies?
spartanstew said:
Did you sign out and clear your cookies?
We are on the same wavelength and just came back to post results. I just went in and manually deleted all the different DIRECTV cookies and now its working fine. I did this for Firefox, but probably need to do it for Chrome and IE. Strange that it happened to all 3 browsers.

Update: It looked fine, until I logged in again, now its back to what I posted in the original post. :confused:
Did have to clear the other 2 browsers cookies as well. Now I'm getting an error message. I'm on IE9 and its telling me my browser is no longer supported, but its newer then the IE8 they list.
I called today and the CSR said that nobody in the DIRECTV call center has ever seen this happen. And I sent an email to DIRECTV on Saturday, then on Sunday received a reply saying it was "forwarded for special handling and specialist will respond as soon as an agent is available (likely within 24 hours.)". And 48 hours later, nothing. Just emailed them a screen shot to see if this might help. Anyone else have any ideas?
So I finally heard back from a resolution specialist. Guess I'm not alone with this issue, but it sounds like its not wide spread. So who knows when they will find a resolution. And if you read the PS, they are always selling, no matter what dept they are in. Guess its generic, since I just negotiated to get NFL ST for $99.
Response Via Email(Malissa C) - 06/13/2012 12:10 PM
Dear Mr. xxx,

Thank you for writing. I understand your concerns regarding your online DIRECTV account that has the links displayed in Spanish and your account information is in English. Your information has been sent to me for review and I apologize for any inconvenience generated by this incident.

We understand that is important to be able to access all of the online features and that it being in Spanish is causing a problem. We have had some reports of this happening and have our IT department investigating the issue to get it resolved. We added your information to the open escalation so it will be included in the fix once one is found. I am very sorry for this issue as I can assure you this is a rare occurrence and we appreciate your patience while we work to resolve this as quickly as possible. Since this is a technical error on the web site we do not have a specific time frame for a resolution, however you can check back periodically to see if it is resolved.

Just a reminder that once you are able to access all links on your online account, don't forget about all the great self care features available at directv.com. You can pay your bill, view your bill, order equipment, use the DVR scheduler, view sports schedules, order DIRECTV Cinema movies, download DIRECTV on Demand programming, and even change your programming all online at any time day or night. Stay tuned to directv.com for the latest news and information about our services.

I understand accessing your account is important to you, Mr. xxxx. We will continue to strive to provide the best possible experience to you. Thanks again for writing.


Malissa C
DIRECTV Resolution Specialist

P. S. Football season is coming soon! Catch up to 14 games every week this fall with NFL SUNDAY TICKET, now available at directv.com/nfl.
This language issue has been resolved! :joy:
RACJ2 said:
This language issue has been resolved! :joy:
Just curious should the same thing ever happen to us, was the resolution done completely by D* or did they pass along instructions as to how to correct on your receiver? If the latter, would appreciate knowing what you were told to do that corrected the problem. Gracias! :))
RACJ2 said:
This language issue has been resolved! :joy:
So how was it resolved?
It was resolved by DIRECTV. I didn't receive any feedback, it just started working one day. If it happens to you, just email DIRECTV. When enough subscribers emailed them, they worked on resolving it.
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