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Anyone using Avira anti-virus?

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Is anyone using Avira anti-virus software? Looks like from this test report http://www.av-comparatives.org/seiten/ergebnisse_2008_05.php that it had one of the highest detection rates and processes scans the nearly the fastest. Price is pretty good at roughly $25 for 1 year. Curious to hear from any actual users of Avira.

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Tyrnal said:
I've been using Avira on a couple of my computers for over a year now, haven't had a single virus infection go beyond Avira telling me it's there and gone (even using the free version). Switched from AVG to Avira way back when and as soon as I switched Avira found 7 viruses that had been chillin' on my computer the entire time, never looked back.
Thanks for the feedback. Any indication that it consumes an excessive amount of system resources to run?
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