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Anyone watching "That was Then" on ABC? have Music Question?

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a double question...anyone watching That was Then??? it seems like one of those shows that won't last, but I really like...anyways, onto my question...if you're watching this show, who sings the main song that basically sends him back in time and brings him back again...it sounds STYX'ish, but not really sure...would appreciate if anyone knows artist/title of this song...

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I haven't seen the show, but you got me curious so I did a Google search and found this site http://abc.abcnews.go.com/primetime/thatwasthen/show.html that indicates the key song in the show is "Do It Again" by The Kinks, not really an '80's band, but it must work.
wow, thanks...I've been searcing for message boards or anything on the show...and the last place I thought to look was abc...
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