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I've been a very long term subscriber to mlb.tv, started maybe a couple years after they started up; but the continual increase in price while they chip away at the carried games. It was a continual itch they never got around to offering my local franchise team after dangling it out there for years, but this nonsense of selling games to apple exclusively may just be the final straw.

I've lived all over the country and enjoy watching the Ray's, Rangers, and A's particularly, and maybe add in the Astros even though when I lived in Houston they were still in the National league playing in the old Astrodome. Then the fact my local franchise (Seattle Mariners) billionaire owners took the city to the cleaners to build the stadium a bit over 20 years ago, but if course they were simply following the trail blazed by Paul Allen (billionaire Microsoft founder) with the Seahawks earlier. But the voters finally wised up and told those getting a stadium for potential basketball and hockey to pound sand, they wouldn't get a dime, and haven't.

But for the mlb team to have a payroll several times that of Tampa and then refuse to allow low cost tv rights to the citizens who paid for their facility because they complain they have to pay big money for players, I have to remind them Tampa has been to the playoffs a bunch of times while the Mariners haven't since 2001. So not watching them live on mlb.tv isnt a problem.

But for mlb to sell exclusive rights to out of market games is too much.
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