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Apps Is Still Initializing

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The new HR34 and my HR22 that were just connected to the Internet present the error, "apps is still initializing, (301)". Both receivers can access the internet for VOD and in System Info show they have assigned IP addresses.

There is a yellow yield with an exclamation beside STB Services port, followed by N/A (301).

I have reset both receivers but this does not help. I have also run the system test and gone back through network setup.

any help appreciated.
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Hey, dawgfan,

I had the same issue with my HR24 & HR21. The problem wasn't with the boxes - I had to open up Network Address Translation (NAT) on my router. Once I did that, the apps loaded fine.

Hope it works for you....
There is not just an enable or disable for this it seems. Sorry as I don't understand all the networking stuff.

What port do I specify?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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