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Saw this in the EPG... Sharktopus and Pirhanaconda at least make sense (I can't believe I just said that)...

But Arachnoquake?

I guess they did all the gene-splicing combos now... so they are going to combine out-of-control animals/insects/monsters with natural disasters.

So, just to get ahead and ensure my cut of the copyright cash...

Octoflood -> Giant octopii released by a flood. You thought the nightmare was over when the flood began to recede... then you see what it washed up on shore!

Snakefire -> The wildfires nearly devastated the people of California, and they thought it was over when the fires were finally brought under control... but then the real nightmare begins with the giant snakes driven by the fire into the homes!

Tornadogator -> The whirling tornadoes were bad enough... but little did people know that the tornado would suck up a bunch of giant gators along the way and spit them out randomly around town!

And why do they always have to be nightmares? Why not a comedy?

Anacondo -> Bill was having trouble paying for his condominium after losing his job, so he put an ad in the paper... much to his surprise an Anaconda shows up and then the fun really begins! Watch these two mis-matched roomies learn about themselves as they learn about each other, and both become better for it! Worth it for the low-carb hot dog scene alone where Bill's friend tries to convince the Anaconda to try a low carb hot dog lettuce wrap only to see first hand that an Anaconda doesn't want none unless it has buns hon! (Yeah, I went there)

Or maybe a buddy cop movie?

Snake and the Fat Man -> Not even going to say anything... this one is self-explanatory.

Or maybe a romance?

Godzilla my Dreams -> Yeah... I know... no description here either.

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I'd rather watch Warehouse 13 and some of the Stargate Universe reruns (when they're running).
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