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Are the History Channels folks the worst at HD conversion?

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Okay, maybe stretch-o-vision is the worst.

But History channel is right now showing Ice Road Truckers (their own program). IT is a 16:9 program.

If you put on regular history, it is 16:9, letterboxed (by signal) and pillarboxed (by my TV). If you put on History HD, it is still letterboxed, and stretched to 16:9, instead of just zooming it in. And on top of all that, the program is marked as in "HD" in the guide.

I can hardly imagine a way to screw this up more.

Forget it, they just fixed it. History HD is now zoomed in. It's still not really HD, but that's a minor thing.
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They seem to have had problems with what to letterbox, what to stretch and what to zoom since day 1, but I do think it's getting better.
TLC HD is awful as well. During end credits while they are showing the last scene of the program, the credits are cut off at the bottom. It looks real tacky.
This is not really a DIRECTV issue, so I am moving this post.
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