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KWGN Denver
KTLA Los Angeles
WPIX New York
WSBK Boston
WWOR New York

So what programming are you watching on these channels?
I've been thinking about adding them. :confused:

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WB and UPN timeshifting. Some sports (e.g Boston Bruins games). Local news. Syndicated programming. Not a whole lot of original programming.

But with locals they are $3.000 not bab.

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Hell Yeah there worth it! I wanted them mainly for their local newscasts and once in a while I watch a Rockies, Mets or Dodgers (but not anymore, since KCAL is the new home of the Dodgers) basaball game.

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Right now I have the Superstations Package and I'm thinking about getting rid of it. WWOR and WPIX are included in my New York locals package already so there's no sense paying twice for these 2 channels. So basically I'm getting 3 channels for $4.99. If you don't get these 5 channels through your locals package then definately go for the Supers Pack!

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I think it's worth it to me. i don't my locals and the ability to see wb tv in 3 different times in case i miss one the shows. I also like the chance to watch upn (even if it's for smackdown). I wish directv would get a wb,upn channel on their programming.

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John - it's worth it!

Do you have the EI package on DirecTV? The Rockies and Mets games are a nice compliment.

NHL Bruins are on WSBK and there is college football and basketball on WWOR from the ESPN +Plus feeds during the winter months. Mostly Big East games. Don Criqui announces a lot of these games. He's good.

If you like the WB and UPN programming then you can timeshift.

You really might become hooked on the KTLA Morning News. I've been watching them for years now too (since 1991 when it started with Carlos, Barbara, Sam, Jennifer and Mark), but it's been local for me most of the time. It's the news done in a funny way. Starts at 5:30am PT with Emmitt and Sharon and continues for 3 1/2 hours.

Even if you just watch the supers for the sports then it's worth it. Supers have a zip code restriction now, so you may or may not be eligible for some of the supers. My zip code here in California only has me qualified for the WB's, but I get the UPN's when I reinstated for the baseball season. :) Rockies televise on KWGN mostly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday's and the Mets on WPIX on Saturday and Sunday.

Steve - Dodgers are on UPN 13 - KCOP. KCAL has the Angels (contractually - yet to be proven much this year though) and the soon to be 3 time world champion Lakers. :)

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Are the superstations worth the extra charge.
When you're located in the 130 somthing DMA where there are no UPN or WB stations within 100 miles ( no fox station either), it is well worth the extra $4.99 to have access to these networks. Someday, WB and UPN may make the status of "Network" and be available as a distant net,until that day however....
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