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Are they replacing HR20s with 21s?

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I have come to the conclusion that my receiver has problems unrelated to the latest software release. It was rolled bck from 251 to 235 and it is still not working properly. I am wondering now, if I exercise my Protection Plan rights, will they ship a 21 instead of a 20?
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You could receive either one and you will not be able to pick. But if the reason you want/need an HR20 is for OTA tuners and you receive an HR21 you should be able to get DIRECTV to ship you a free AM21.

BTW what problems are you having?
Ramalama said:
While watching live TV:
Remote commands are ignored or the response is very slow. If a show is paused for a significant length of time, and then the user resumes watching and FFs through commercials, the progress bar at the bottom remains on the screen indicating FF even if Play is resumed. The blue lights continue to circle around long after Play has resumed. Pausing may result in total locking up.

While watching a recorded program:
Same slowness in response to remote commands. Plus, locking up is very common.

Using guide:
Pressing guide results in a primarily black screen with the blue banner across the top and and empty black box where the current channel should be displayed.

Pressing Record:
Orange light does not come on. May or may not actually record. This can be determined by pausing for a few seconds, then pressing Play and looking at the progress bar to see if the recorded portion is in the buffer (blue) or on the harddrive (red).

Changing channels while in the guide:
Scrolling up and down is very tedious and slow.

Audio and Video:
Frequent audio dropouts of a very short duration coupled with part of screen freezing and getting out of phase but we are not seing any pixelation as we did when the first box crapped out. It only crapped out on MPEG2 channels. (There were no MPEG4 at the time).

Signal strength is fine - nothing under 90 on all the different transponders except for the ones that it does not matter (I have a list somewhere that a CSR gave me to check).

We replaced the batteries in the remote, checked all the connections. Unit has an external cabinet fan with internal air temperature monitoring and the average temp is under 100 degrees inside the cabinet. Surface of case is pretty hot, but it has always been hot. Internal temp reported in Info is WNL.
Definitely sounds like you do have a bad receiver and need a replacement.
cartrivision said:
So people with bad HR21s might get a HR20 as a replacement?
Ramalama said:
Michael, all those issues I mention about three posts back went away for about 24 hours, and then returned (after getting 054). Not only that the amber light became red (very annoying in a theater room) and the blue circle lights can no longer be dimmed.

I lost Tuner 1 and it says I have an LNB failure on System Test. Both reported normal after reset.

I think I should call them in the morning?
The record light color was changed in the last update that you just received to match the color of the HR21's. That is not a problem.

As for the blue circle try pressing the left arrow slightly before the right arrow and if that does not work try rebooting the unit.

Is tuner one working fine now? If not what are your signals on all SAT's (and transponders) on both tuners.
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