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A's and Angels

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What a series......Angels and A's now tied for first. Angels with ANOTHER comeback.......40th on the year I think.
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Angels just beat the Rangers too. Tied still for 1st. M's are 8 back. They are H I S T O R Y. I know about 1995. M's are toast. No pitching right now. Zito shut them out good tonight.

If/when the Angels win the division then they play the Twins at home and the A's go to NY. IF the A's win the division then the Halos go to NY to start the playoffs. Let's hope for the 1st scenario.

Anyone who saw Washburn pitch on opening night against a team from Cleveland thought that he had no chance to win 18 games this year, but he's done it now. Appier has pitched good lately. Angels bullpen (longtime thorn in the Angels side) leads the league in ERA. Angels bullpen (in mid-September) lead the league in ERA. Angels bullpen (with Donnelly, Cook, Percy) lead the league in ERA.

It's going to be a fun 15 games. Angels only have 2 games not scheduled for TV which in itself is a miracle in a stretch like this, but maybe KCAL will add those to the roadtrip in Texas. I heard Rex talking about fishing tonight in Texas, so that didn't sound good for any TV additions.

Prediction: Angels battle the Yankees for the AL pennant. :)
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Angels pitching staff has been great. Especially the bullpen. Where did you place the Angels? I don't remember. They are 86-41 since the 6-14 start. That's a miracle. Eckstein isn't bad either. Pesky is right. How did the Red Sox ever get rid of him?

Yep! Stick a fork in the Mariners. They are done. Why root for the A's? Angels are the underdogs!! Scioscia should be the AL manager of the year.
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