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Ooooh, That's ugly.

Certainly there must be a limit to corporate named stadiums. This must be it.

'Strohs fans must be embarrassed.......:lol:

How about the Dunkin Donuts Center (in either DE or RI, I forget) kinda took the cake for me. :D

I guess the name Minute Maid park is fitting, since Ken Caminiti(an ex-Astro) was on the juice!

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Huh???? :confused:

- It's all apples and oranges to me. :shrug:

- When life hands you a lemon (team), make lemonade. :lol:

- Minute Maid Park? Does that mean the astros are three-up and three-down in a minute.

- What do you get when you mix Minute Maid orange juice and Viagrin? A ball team that is 'hard to beat' :goodjob:

- Q. What did the Minute Maid say when she went into the Astro's clubhouse?
A. Gee, fellas, are those bats in your Hanes, or are you just happy to see me? :blush:

- Yer honor, I admit I drank some orange juice, but I swear I didn't swallow any. :angel:

Murder Mystery: Minute Maid was found dead in the dougout. She had been squeezed to death, and had large tooth marks all over her body. Who dunnit? :confused:

Nickster :smoking:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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