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AT-9 & MPEG4 & Non-DVR

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Need some help cutting through the confusion.

Had my new HR20-700 installed last night with the 5 LNB AT9 big dog of a dish. Thought I was going to just move my old Toshiba HD OTA box upstairs and have HD on that TV. Moved the box and it won't find the 5LNB dish.

After searching this forum I think I understand that the problem is my "old" box doesn't see/transcribe the new MPEG4 local HD channels.

So, my quest is to now obtain a box that will let me get the HD channels in the upstairs location without having to get the HD-DVR (which I simply don't need).

I have access to an old RCA 210 but I don't think that will work either.

The question. What non-DVR HD boxes work with the new dish to deliver HD locals without an OTA antenna?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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dmneeb said:
I am pretty sure there are 4 lines running directly from the dish to a multi-switch and then into the house. The old Toshiba HD box picks up in the Guide the listing of the HD local channels but will not display them.
If you really want HD in the second room you should log onto D*s site and see if they are offering the free H20. Since you just got an HR20 I assume you are already in for the 2 year commitment Just go to "Upgrade My System" under "My Account" and they will show what's available for what price.

Good luck!
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