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Hi all,

First time poster and I have a pretty simple question (or 2). I've done alot of searching but couldn't find the info I need to make my install go smoothly.

I am scheduled to have either an AT9 or AU9 dish installed tomorrow morning (12/5). I have a very heavy duty pole setup (sch 80 metal with 1/2x3in angle welded to the outside set in 1 ton of concrete & rebar - all on bedrock).

My Wildblue ISP Sat dish is on the top of the pole (8ft tall) and I plan to drill, tap & bolt a 1/2in plate to the 3in angle steel for mounting the dish. Hope that gives you a picture. :)

If anyone has the total dimensions (bottom of mounting plate to the top of the dish) I would appreciate those (for either the AT9 or AU9). I need to make sure the dish is mounted low enough and won't block my Wildblue dish. Also, what are the specs on the mounting plate?

I've tried to get the info by calling around but no luck there.... Anyway I hope someone here can help out or maybe knows of a site that has the info.

Thanks again - fantastic forum!
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