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ATT Broadband Cooks CS Books, Cuts CSRs, Raises Rates!

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ATT Broadband cooks books on lousy customer svc, cuts CSRs, then raises rates!

The following report was compiled from a series of investigative stories appearing last week
in the Jacksonville (FL) Times-Union

JACKSONVILLE, FL - First Coast News has discovered what appears to be proof of AT&T
Broadband falsifying (customer service) records in hopes of pleasing the city. The evidence
shows the cable provider (altered)...its numbers to make...customer service look better.

...people would call and would literally be on hold for hours because there were not enough
people to answer the phones...operators answered calls in 30 seconds only 8% of the time.

...almost half of (recent) digital cable disconnects statewide...happened because customers
were dissatisfied with customer service...internal AT&T records showed customers couldn't
reach an operator more than half the time they called.

...customer service could get worse. Confidential AT&T documents show the company missed
budget by $3.6 million dollars and plans to close the gap by cutting 155 jobs. The move would
save the company a $1.5 million. More than 95 cuts are planned for the customer care department.

JACKSONVILLE, Fl - AT&T Broadband customers were given notice of a price (increase)
in an advertisement in Saturday's Florida Times-Union.

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I wonder if this is a cable insudtry "pattern". First Adelphia, now this.....where it stops, nobody knows.

BTW Nick, are Enin & Net the ninth and tenth planets???? (Just curious) :shrug:
Yes THAT planet alright........:righton: :righton: :righton:
:computer: :lol: :thats:
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