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Attention James F - MTV's FM Nation from Scottsdale, AZ

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James F - Did you catch the 10/16 episode of FM Nation on MTV which will be aired and reaired from here to eternity by chance? I guess they filmed it at night on Saturday August 3rd of 2002 so it's recent. Anyways, this weeks show had 4 blonde party girls that reminded me of some of the Mesa girls I used to pass on my way to work each morning when I lived in Phoenix. Camelback Road brought back some fond memories for me as well. The hottest one in the backseat with the yellow shirt (Jenni I think) I guess is now dating Rob from Survivor Thailand!

At one point in the show, they all strip down slap ass buck naked inside a big SUV to get free fast food from a local Whataburger! Watch this and let me know how you feel it represents Scottsdale! Had some great laughs over their local catch phrases and one girl saying Yahhh!.

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Wow!!! I'm getting all excited.... Nothing like taking your clothes off and going to Whataburger!
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