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Audio Drop outs only on 1 local stations!

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ok.. so Ch 2 Fox in Detroit in HD seems to have a major issue with Audio drop outs.. the sound i tested is from both the HDMI sound and also optical sound.

any idea on what is causing this? it seems to be only ch2, i am going to test out soe other stations when i get home, but this has been for months!

I have the newest SW and that does not seem to fix it!
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Hmm... wonder if it is a FOX thing somehow, because I have the same problem with my local FOX 50 whenever I record or pause in the buffer. I haven't watched in a few days so I can't say 100% if it still is doing it, but it is a pretty regular problem.
Livonia here, have not noticed any drop outs on channel 2, but got them on USA HD and TNT HD. I am connected HDMI from my 722 to my Sony KDL40V4100. A quick channel up and back fixes it.
Check out this link and join the club:


I believe Detroit also uses the 118 sat for locals. Can there be a connection? I live in St. Louis and have similar issue with the local Fox station along with others.
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