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I am newbie.....so be nice. Earl Bonovich suggested I pose this thread to the public.

I just procured a new HD HR20 and have had numerous issues. The receiver is connected to a brand new HD-LCD TV/DVD combo w/ATSC tuner...manufacturer Polaroid.

Here is the main issue.

No sound when the receiver and tv are turned on. The Directv installer provided me an HDMI cable and I understand that there are some issues with HDMI cables.

First Question. Does it matter if it is an 18 or 19 pin HDMI cable? I have seen both out on Ebay.

I cannot locate the codes for the new TV. Directv technical assistance could not help nor Polaroid technical assistance on finding the codes for the TV to synch with the Universal Remote Control that came with the DVR.

Second question. Could the problem be that the codes to synch up the Polaroid remote and the Directv URC are causing the Audio issue? I have no external tuners connected to the TV or sattelite.

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