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I have had a problem with my Sling adapter playback where the audio gets out of sync with the video within a few minutes. This happens when either playing back a recorded show, or watching live TV.

This is a problem only when I try to use the Sling adapter at home (which is virtually the only place I need to use it). For test purposes, I found when I access it from outside my house, I do not have the audio sync problem.

DISH has been unable to help me with the problem. The first time they said it would clear up in a few days, but this has been going on since October, with no resolution.

I talked to DISH again a few days ago and they had no ideas on how to resolve it.

I have 40Mbps download speed and 5Mbps upload speed, so that should not be an issue. When playing at home, the speed is around 5-6Mbps.

I am using an Actiontec MegaPlug Powerline (ethernet over the electric wiring) to connect to the 722k receiver. I have a Qwest (now CenturyLink) Actiontec Q1000 router/access point.

Anyway, I am hoping someone else might have had a similar problem.

I have experimented with two different computers, and one of the computers was tested outside the house and worked fine.

The interesting thing is that outside the house, the speeds are in the 3-4Mbps range, substantially less than in the house.

Anyway, looking for some ideas on what the probelm is.
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