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Audio setup question with 612.

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So I just changed from DTV to Dish. I'm using the 612 box.

My audio setup is as follows. It worked for two different DTV boxes:

My surround receiver doesn't have HDMI. Therefore:

HDMI from 612 to TV
Optical out from TV to surround receiver.

Everything worked peachy... past tense.
With the 612, this setup gives me only video- no audio to my surround. I'm currently using the Optical out on the 612 for audio. But I even used my old DTV box last night to watch some recorded shows and the original setup worked fine.

The audio portion of the HDMI out on the 612 works. I tested it on the TV speaker.

So what can go goofy that this will work with the DTV receiver and not the Dish?
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Didn't know that.
Now, please forgive an ignorance here.

When you say two channel, I'm assuming that means it essentially eliminates the 5.1 I have going on, right?
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