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Audio setup question with 612.

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So I just changed from DTV to Dish. I'm using the 612 box.

My audio setup is as follows. It worked for two different DTV boxes:

My surround receiver doesn't have HDMI. Therefore:

HDMI from 612 to TV
Optical out from TV to surround receiver.

Everything worked peachy... past tense.
With the 612, this setup gives me only video- no audio to my surround. I'm currently using the Optical out on the 612 for audio. But I even used my old DTV box last night to watch some recorded shows and the original setup worked fine.

The audio portion of the HDMI out on the 612 works. I tested it on the TV speaker.

So what can go goofy that this will work with the DTV receiver and not the Dish?
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Halfsek said:
HDMI from 612 to TV
Optical out from TV to surround receiver. ...
You should be aware that for an HDMI Input to your TV, the Optical Out from the TV is only Two-Channel. (The Optical Out is multi-channel if the source is the TV's OTA tuner(s) or the TV's internal Qam tuner if so equipped.)

EDIT: I believe that TVs with Cable Cards also would pass that audio as multi-channel on the TV's Optical Out.
Halfsek said:
Didn't know that.
Now, please forgive an ignorance here.

When you say two channel, I'm assuming that means it essentially eliminates the 5.1 I have going on, right?
That would be correct. Additionally, I believe, but I'm not positive, that a Cable Card equipped TV would pass that audio also as multi-channel on the Optical Out.
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