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audio sync issue on one channel

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I recently subscribed to locals and noticed the ABC affiliate in Tucson has a problem with voice sync. The audio lags the video by a fraction of a second, enough to be distracting. It seems to be consistent throughout the day, regardless of whether the station is airing local or national content.

Because this problem manifests on a single channel, I figure the culprit must be beyond my equipment (508 P4.07), either at the local station or the DISH head-end.

A neighbor who has cable says the station plays fine on his system. Does that mean the problem must be with DISH, or do locals produce separate signals for cable and satellite providers?
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Earlier tonight the audio for the CBS affiliate (KOLD) had an annoying echo during 60 Minutes. It was so bad I had to change channels (which was fine with me since they were running interviews with McCain and Obama). This is the first time I've heard an echo on television. BTW, the audio during local commercials was normal.

I just checked and KOLD is running one of those half-hour paid commercials and the audio has a delay, similar to the ABC affiliate in my previous post.

These audio problems are intermittent and only occur with the locals.

Surely someone here must know what the heck is going on! :confused:
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