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SO I read about the Audio and video being out of sync bug

Bug Name: Audio Synch Bug by Milominderbinder2
Prognosis: Audio is out of Synch with Video
History/Status: Currently still active in 0x10b.
Symptom: Audio and Video are out of Synch in particular on MPEG4 locals. Often OTA version is not out of synch.
Treatment: Per the manual on page 44: Try changing channels. Press LIST, then EXIT. If neither of those work, restart your DIRECTV Plus HD DVR. Press RESET.

When the bug is so old it made the manual, that's an old bug.

It had never happened to me before tonight. While I was recording Ugly Betty I turned on the TV and noticed that the audio and video was off by at least 1 maybe 2 seconds. I went into the recording and saw black screen. I FWD to about 2 minutes and then did a rewind to get the program to play and to my surprise the audio and video were not out of synch at all on the playback.

So listed in this bug as ways to fix are chenging the channel which you will obviously lose your buffer. If you intended to watch the channel that was on may I suggest you hit record and then go into list and see if it plays back normally.

This worked for me. Hope it helps someone. Sorry if this is old and possibly well repeated.
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