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Autorecord - I don't get that channel, but it records anyway

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It doesn't matter if I flat out don't receive the channel or have simply removed it from the favorites list, autorecord will still try to record shown on channels that it shouldn't. Resulting in many blank recordings unless I keep a very close eye on the to do list.

Especially annoying is when it decides to record an autorecord program on both the HD and SD version of the same channel at the same time.

Just deleting the errant items from the list does not always work, especially if the program is scheduled to air on a local channel. What is the point of hiding SD duplicates if autorecord refuses to accept that setting and decides to bogart both tuners when it finds a show on your list?

Is there a fix for this, either now or upcoming?
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There are a lot of things they could do to make this beast more "Tivo-like", and this is among the most glaring of examples (don't even get me started on slo-mo :mad: ). I am grateful and give props for the improvements we've seen but C'MON!, it's been over two years now and it's painfully obvious that certain simple things are still not working the way they should. I think the programmers need to bear down a little bit more.
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