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Autorecord - I don't get that channel, but it records anyway

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It doesn't matter if I flat out don't receive the channel or have simply removed it from the favorites list, autorecord will still try to record shown on channels that it shouldn't. Resulting in many blank recordings unless I keep a very close eye on the to do list.

Especially annoying is when it decides to record an autorecord program on both the HD and SD version of the same channel at the same time.

Just deleting the errant items from the list does not always work, especially if the program is scheduled to air on a local channel. What is the point of hiding SD duplicates if autorecord refuses to accept that setting and decides to bogart both tuners when it finds a show on your list?

Is there a fix for this, either now or upcoming?
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Drew2k said:
1) Turn on the setting to hide SD Duplicates (System Setup > Display). This will prevent any auto-recordings from being made on SD channels that have HD
I've had that set from the beginning. Does not work. It doesn't happen *every* time, but there are certain shows in my "Steelers" autorecord that will always want to record on both the HD and SD version of the channel it's airing on.

I even went in and removed all the SD channels from the favorites list I'm using. Doesn't matter. autorecord wants to use the full channel list. :nono:
inkahauts said:
I had these issues long ago, but haven't seen them in a very long time, and it doesn't matter if I have sd duplicates hidden or not...

What specific channels is this happening on? Is it multiple ARSLs, or just one in particular?

My unit has never recorded anything on a channel that is not listed in CIG...

I have noticed that they have finally got the east and west DNS feeds properly coded! That was my biggest issue... However, today its the sports pack channels... As they are moving them all around, they have not fully kept up with properly setting them as CIG or not... I suspect they will get those caught up shortly, and then those issues will go away...

Also, what package are you on? Maybe your on an older package that is not properly encoded for CIG yet....
My account started in August of last year. CIG is mostly accurate, but there are a few channels in the list that I'm not getting. Mostly RSNs. The ST channels appear to be on the list as well. The actual games don't show up in the to do list until the day or so prior, so I'll have to wait until the end of the week to see if the game wants to record on the wrong channel.

The channels duplicated HD/SD most often are KDKA, channel 2 out of Pittsburgh, and Fox Sports Pittsburgh. If a Steelers autorecord finds something on either of those channels, it will want to record both versions. Hide SD duplicates is ignored.

If the RSNs that are still in the CIG list hit on an autorecord, the unit wants to record off of them, even if they're not in the favorites list I'm using.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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