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I'm a long time customer and have a free upgrade coming. My equipment is several years old and have been attempting to find information on the Genie 2 in the forums. I would like to know the model number so I can look it up here. Also, is there just one model for HD and also 4K? I don't have 4K right now, but am contemplating it. What are the model numbers for the clients? Does an eSATA drive replace or add to the internal drive?

Currently I have:
Genie Gen 1 HR34-700
HD DVR HR24-100
Genie Mini C31-700

Thanks for the help or direction on how to find the info here.


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There’s a first look at iamanedgecutter.com and solid signal.

Esata replaces internal.

It will use any and all clients.

Only a c61k does 4K. They require a 4K to though to install one themselves.

There’s only one right now, from two manufactures. They do the exact same things.

And good grief it will be so much nicer than your current system, HR34 and clients attached to it are snails in my experience.

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The only things I can add are:

The HS17 is a headless server. It can be installed anywhere in the house and does not output to a TV. You need clients for every set and 4K does not seem to be required anymore. At least in my area.
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