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UCLABru1ns said:
I thought I'd share my story with you guys, seeing as how D*/Installers dont often get high praises when they do things right.

Two weeks ago I had called D* because I wanted to upgrade the H20 receiver in my master bedroom with an HD DVR. The polite CSR told me I actually qualified for a free HD DVR, all I'd have to pay for was S/H. The caveat being that the earliest installation date was for September 29th. I still took it.

I then went thru all my DirecTV installation receipts because I remembered that when I got my first HD DVR installed last December thru ConnectTelevision here in Los Angeles, I had asked the installer for his cell number just in case a situation as this one would come up. Sure enough, I was able to get ahold of him, and he was able to move up my installation to this morning.

After I told him how I wanted to switch around the various receivers and where I wanted the new receiver, he went out to his truck, and as he was walking up, he says "You're in luck man, we just got the new HR22's in stock, and you're one of the first people to get it"......I was floored, since I've read stories on here of people going out to purchase them on their own rather than being able to upgrade to them thru D*. I was thinking, this must be a mistake somehow-- D* offering me a free HD DVR, and the installer bringing me an HR22.

The upgrade went equally as smooth as did the previous upgrade with this installer. The only problem he had was that he had to call in the receiver to activate it, as the receiver wouldn't self-activate (It was giving some errors with the reception, even though the other receivers in the house were working properly). Sure enough, after he called it in, the new HR22 was up and running smoothless!

Needless to say that for his troubles I gave the installer a nice $40 tip, and told him he'd be my personal D* Upgrader in the future LOL.

Way to go DirecTV and ConnectTelevision!
I wonder if this guy would do house calls for me...in Chicagoland! Hang onto him. he could be worth his weight in gold...
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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