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Enrique B Chamorro said:

On Sat. the HR20-700 was installed.
The software was downloaded and is current.
A new large dish was installed, the order ticket has "KA/KU"
I am in the Chicago land area and the tech. put the B-Band converters
on both lines feeding the HR20.
He said it helps with the local HD channels.
Do I need the B-Band converters?
What is the benefit if I remove them?
Should I remove them one at a time or both at the same time?

Thanks for the help!!
Read the post directly above yours. They are not needed yet, but will be when the new sats are launched. There is no harm in taking them off now, you won't lose anything until the new sats start broadcasting. Some people have been taking them off because they seem to have a high failure rate which can result in the HR20 experiencing a variety of bugs.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.