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Backing up my HR21-700

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I'm a new HR21 user and I've been trying to find info online, but my findings confused me more than what it helped :-S
I saw some comments in this forum and I saw a lots of expert out there, and I wonder if you can help this newbie ;-)

I'd like to know if I can backup my recordings to some sort of external media server like TVersity or TwonkyMedia, or similar. I heard I could eventually install an external HDD to backup my HR21, but I thought that if I could transfer my recordings to a media server, then I could play the shows onany of my 3 TV's by using PS3 or similar as a player. Can this configuration work or it's just a dream for now?

I know this setup is not something to answer in a quick reply, but at least if anybody has done anything similar, I'd try it on my own ;-) I heard people using HR21 as a player from a TVersity server, but not the opposite way (transfering shows from HR21 to a Media Server)

I really appreciate your comments guys!
Have a great day,

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Three letters: DRM :nono2:

Given this, all you can do is to play back your recordings through the SD outputs and encoded them, for storage, with a video capture card/or TV tuner card.
Using an external drive would still have the programs encoded, making them unreadable on your computer, and it isn't a "backup" but is used instead of the internal drive.
There is no way to get the content off the dvr in a digital format. You can hook up a tv tuner card to one of the outputs of the DVR and record that way but that won't do hd and only occurs in realtime because you are recording it as it's playing back.
Thank you guys!!

I see. If my biggest concern become space constrains, I need an external HDD hooked up to the USB to be used "instead" of the internal HDD.....and I can use the HR21 as a player of a media server. But if I want to upload content to my media server to be distributed accross the house, I need to go the analog/manual way of playing with the HR21 while capturing with some card into a computer....As I said, for now my ideal setup is just a dream :rolleyes:

Thank you for clarifying this for me guys!! and for saving me a looooong time in testing and trying ;)

Have a great day,

External HD would need to be ESata not usb.

Can I ask you something else? Can I play content inside the HR21 through the network...like if I were using the HR21 as a Media Server?

I have 2 HR21's, and my biggest dilema is to play shows that have been recorded in 1 box from the other, and viceversa ;) Can I do that or whatever is in an HR21 can only be viewed in a TV connected to it through AV, HDMI, etc?

Thank you Evan!!
As far as the HR2x's acting as a media server thats currently in testing in the Cutting Edge (beta) process. Currently it's only with a DirecTV2PC app to allow playback on a windows PC. It is expected that MRV (multi room viewing) from one HR2x to another will follow. Theoretically any DLNA media client that supports the content encryption part of the standard would work as a client but I don't know of any currently.
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