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Well I have had viiv working spottily, and media center media sharing sort of working with both my hr20 and hr 21.
However-then my pc started "slowing down" or hanging it appeared.
Turned out this is a known problem with XP SSDP discovery service which viiv and windows media sharing need to run. SSDP keeps searching and hangs explorer.
If you turn off SSDP-hangs go away. But turning off SSDP turns off viiv and windows media sharing and closes those firewall ports.
So should I just punt to Tversity?
Or I see posts up here which seem to indicate that if I use static IPs for my DTV boxes, and i open the ports in the firewall myself-I don't need UpnP?

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TVersity offers the option to turn off SSDP services...they primarily suggest doing this in Vista. The problem is that other applications require SSDP (The "Play On Server" for instance).

I like TVersity, but for an application to require a base Microsoft service to be turned off isn't good design. Since shutting the application down or uninstalling TVersity doesn't restart the service and set it back to Automatic/Manual it's just an invitation to problems. This in some ways harkens back to the days when developers just modified and rewrote common .dlls to serve their purpose at the potential expense of OS and other app stability.

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I agree with Ken's point. I have found much joy in TVersity though. In fact more joy with TVersity than WMP or VIIV can currently give. The internet radio streaming is working tremendously. My PC is no longer slowing down because SSDP is doing something in the background that I cannot see.

Knowing that SSDP is being shut down and that you'll have to fix that if you want to go back to a WMP/VIIV solution, I'd say give TVersity a shot. The price, by the way, is worth it as well :)
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