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Hello Buckeye3d,

Move the 2 output cables from the original positions and connect them to the other SWM Splitters (SWM output port 1 to SWM Splitter 2 and SWM output 2 to SWM Splitter 1). See if the problem moves or stays the same. If the problem follows the cable then test and replace one or both connectors or replace the cable If it does not then it would seem that SWM 16 output port has a problem. A second suggestion is to change the SWM Splitter(s) 8 to a SWM Splitter 4 and a SWM Splitter 2 due to your units on each SWM output ports. This drops less of the signal to the units . Do you have 75 ohm terminators on the unused SWM Splitters that are not connected to a unit.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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