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A lot of you guys already know this but if you want to bring your kids to a ballgame, go to a Minor League game.

Reasons ??

1) Smaller size stadiums allow the kids to really see the game and the sights and sounds, you can "smell" he game.

2) Players are very kid friendly. Been to hundreds of games where in pre-game & post game the players sign autograph after autograph, talk with the kids, give them "five", toss them a batting practice ball for free. They dont behave like the prima donna jerks the major leaguers often become. Besides how easy is it to go up to a player at the railing at the Jake and have a conversation

3) Always seems to me that every day, the minor leaguers play 100%, its their lives and futures at stake, they can say they can take a nite off because they have 20 mil in the bank

4) The between innings part of the game is much more fun for the kids in the minors than the majors. dizzy bat race, dodge ball, sling shot hot dogs into the stands etc..

5) Much more family type atmosphere

6) Better free promotions

7) And oh yes, how about 4 box seats(with cupholders), backs
for $32.00 plus $1-2.00 parking that is 50 yards from the stadium.

Bottom line is that the kids will enjoy the game more because they are sitting 20 yards from the field, you will have fun size crowds of 6000, the kids will have new "heros" that are actually polite and nice to them instead of brushing them off like most major leaguers,
and you will save about $150.00

Go to Akron, go se the mudhens, go see Mahoning Valley, go to Eastlake next year, go see a Minor League game with your kids. I would bet my *** that if after going to a minor League game your kids would prefer to go back there before they say yes to sitting 90 rows up and back at the Jake.
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