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Baseball Negotiators take Sunday off; talks to resume Monday

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I'm glad to see that they aren't in any hurry. I was thinking that they might not get this done by the 30th... :shrug:

BTW, I just noticed that I have tickets to the game on the 30th against the SF Giants. Lucky me! And I've got 10 more in September... :(

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Yeah! I've got tickets for the 30th and 31st. It's Brian Downing bobblehead night on the 31st, so I want my bobblehead. :) I went last night. Kind of a last minute decision on Thursday, so I bought 4 tickets on Friday for last night's game. I didn't know if that would be my last game or not this year. If the Angels had won then they would of been in first. Signs/Banners aren't allowed at the Big A. 5 people were carryiing this scab sign last night. They made it around the stadium once, but security got them on the 2nd try around. Fans booed like crazy! Security took them away behind home plate though.

I don't understand it. You would think some type of an agreement has to be reached. Peter Gammons has a good article on ESPN.com about the possible strike.
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